Collaborative Management Program Coordinator

The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) Coordinator provides data and program management and Interagency Oversight Group (IOG) support for the Ouray, San Miguel, and West End of Montrose Counties CMP. Tri- County’s CMP promotes a collaborative system of interagency oversight and individualized service and support teams (ISST) to coordinate and manage the provision of services to children and families who would benefit from integrated multi-agency services.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

UnBOCES is seeking an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher to work up to 20 hours a week as a CONTRACTED Worker. Preschools that are served by this position are: Naturita Preschool, Norwood Preschool, Paradox Charter Preschool, and Prime Time Preschool. Mileage from home office to each school will be reimbursed, and a high hourly rate will be paid to offset the contracted status DOE. Candidates currently enrolled in a master's program CAN apply and will be able to work while completing the degree if approved.

Contracted workers receive no benefits, health insurance, and are not salaried. Hours worked are hours paid. Contracted workers need to provide proof of liability insurance, pass background check, and have reliable transportation and computer with internet access.

Qualified candidates must have earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and hold, or be able to obtain a Colorado Teacher License with ECSE as an endorsement or content area.

Contact - Tammy Johnson, Director