Autism Team

The UnBOCES ABC Team believes in the importance of early intervention. We are committed to provide families and professionals with appropriate resources and guidance for children with autism spectrum disorder. We recognize that determining a child eligible for the educational identification of autism includes a variety of “snapshots”; which include family medical history, parent interviews, observations of the child in multiple environments and psychological/communication/sensory-motor assessments.

The team is dedicated to provide and administer the ADOS to children who exhibit signs or characteristics of autism spectrum disorder. Our goal is to communicate and deliver test results to families in the most family friendly manner as possible. A thorough evaluation will assist the trans-disciplinary team to develop the most appropriate individualized education plan and define teaching strategies that would fit the needs and strengths of that particular child. The UnBOCES ABC Team will monitor educational plans to insure that the child is receiving effective intervention. The UnBOCES ABC Team will follow the State of Colorado’s guidelines for early identification and research based interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder.