Staff and Providers

Unboces Staff

  • Tammy Johnson, Executive Director and Director of Special Education
  • Zoe Denison, Administrative Assistant
  • Julie Derbes, Fiscal Manager
  • Lisa Sagal, Program Facilitator 

Unboces providers

  • Michelle Barkemeyer, GT Coordinator, serving all districts.
  • Jacob Price, School Psychologist, serving Ouray and Ridgway, and Autism Team Member.
  • TBD, School Psychologist, serving Telluride.
  • Cindy Brown, School Psychologist, serving Norwood and the West End and Autism Team Member.
  • Sarah Lyons, Speech/Language Pathologist, serving Telluride, Child Find Coordinator, serving all districts and Autism Team Member.
  • Laura Ellis, Speech/Language Pathologist, serving Ouray and Ridgway.
  • Nick Lawrence, Speech/Language Pathologist, serving Norwood and West End.
  • Lauren Oliver, Occupational Therapist, serving Norwood, West End, and Telluride.
  • Annie Clark, Occupational Therapist, serving Telluride, and AutismTeam Member.
  • Lindsay Hepp, Occupational Therapist, serving Ouray and Ridgway.
  • Megan Fibbe, Physical Therapist, serving all districts.
  • Patty McIntosh, Physical Therapist Assistant, serving all districts under supervision, and SWAAAC Team Member.
  • TBD, Early Childhood Specialist, serving Norwood, the West End; Birth-3 Coordinator, and SWAAAC Team Member.
  • Ann Kochara, Early Childhood Specialist, serving Telluride.
  • Kristine Ash Coughlin, Audiologist, serving all districts.
  • Sharon Brennan, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist, serving all districts.
  • Caroline Grew, Translator/Interpreter, serving Norwood, Ouray, Ridgway, Telluride and West End.
  • Lisa Sagal, Early Childhood Specialist, serving Ouray and Ridgway, and Autism Team Member.
  • Dee Williams, School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) Coordinator, serving Ouray, Ridgway and Telluride.
  • Ron Kittelson, School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) Coordinator, serving Norwood and West End.