Qualifications: Colorado Department of Education Speech and Language Pathology License

  1. Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders or Speech/Language Pathology

  2. Experience with school populations and ASHA CCC preferred, but not required

  3. In-depth knowledge of communication disorders related to educational environments

  4. Self-starter with excellent verbal and written communication skills

Job Goal: The goal of this position is to maximize student achievement through screenings, assessment, direct therapy services, and consultation for students with identified educational needs and IEP’s in the area of speech or language.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Carry out screenings, monitoring, assessments, and evaluation procedures for students in accordance with established guidelines. Submit appropriate, related documentation

  2. Utilize evidence based practices to provide direct therapy services and prescriptive programming to students as stated on IEPs

  3. Participate as a member of the building level special education or child study team. Collaboration and consultation with regular education, specialty teachers, and other related service providers to meet the needs of all students

  4. Participate as a staffing committee member and coordinate or facilitate meetings as appropriate. Develop/write goals and objectives for students who qualify for special education and speech/language services

  5. Maintain records/data collection necessary for placement and ongoing programming. Utilize the computerized IEP and records system available

  6. Demonstrate efforts of ongoing professional skills building and maintain current CDE licensure

  7. Other related duties as assigned by the Executive Director/SPED Director

Length of Work Year: Follows the school calendar: approximately 180 days

Salary: Ridgway school district pays .10 FTE and benefits at $7,117.40

Ouray school district pays .10 FTE and benefits at $7,117.40

UnBOCES pays .80 FTE at 56,939.20

Total salary: $52,500.00
Total benefits PERA -10,710 + Medicare 761. + Insurance 7,203 =18,674.

Total Contract Total 71,174.00

2.5 days of SLP Work in Ridgway & Ouray school districts per week

CFY Candidates encouraged to apply.