Ouray School District R-1 - Affective Counselor/Career Counselor

2-5 year plan

Prek-12 social emotional counselor
MS groups
HS groups
ISST team support
Collaborate with Behavior Specialist
Work with HS students planning for their post-secondary goals
Support of Staff
Level meetings
Parent Coordinator
Homeless/Migrant Liaison
504 Coordinator
Collaborate with mental health service agencies as a liaison for Ouray Students
Identify appropriate mental health services
Being an integral part of the School wide Crisis team & Threat Assessment Team

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Be available to help the student with his/her personal problems.
  2. Confer, when appropriate, with students, staff, and parents.
  3. Assist the student in planning his/her educational program.
  4. Utilize appropriate school and community resources.
  5. Assist in providing orientation services for new students.
  6. Maintain records necessary for the performance of his/her duties.
  7. Communicate the role of the counselor to the school and community
  8. Interpret test scores to students, staff, and parents
  9. Attempt to confer with each student a minimum of one time per semester.
  10. Perform such other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Job Summary:

  • Provides and/or coordinates clinically behavioral health interventions to individual students, groups of students, and families regarding behavioral health concerns
  • Advocates for students with parents, teachers, school administrators, and other agencies
  • Provide crisis intervention—Threat Assessment Team
  • Serve as a liaison between families and the school for students with identified behavioral health interventions
  • Participates in student mental health screenings, substance abuse screenings, and threat assessments
  • Assist in developing intervention strategies to increase academic success
  • Assist with conflict resolution and anger management
  • Help the child develop appropriate social interaction skills
  • Assist the child in understanding and accepting self and others
  • Provide case management for students and families requiring multiple resources
  • 504 Coordinator
  • Homeless and Migrant Liaison
  • Facilitate and/or support Section 504, IEP & ALP plans and students/families
  • Collaborate with health education teachers to provide quality health instruction to students
  • To assist each student to achieve his/her capacity in all areas to include the social and emotional needs of students
  • To assist each student to make optimum personal, vocational, and educational choice
  • To assist each student to become aware of himself/herself in terms of his/her strengths and limitations as they relate to his/her life goals and personal satisfaction

To Apply:

Please submit the certified application found at ouray.k12.co.us. Email completed applications to Kimberly Sills at ksills@ouray.k12.co.us, fax to 970-325-7343, or mail to PO Box N, Ouray, CO 81427. For further information please contact Scott Pankow at 970-325-4505.


Posted 1/24/2018